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New Miami Local Schools will cultivate success by empowering students to engage, discover and learn through challenging and innovative opportunities.


Engage the community, discover the unique qualities of every student, learn through quality instruction.


Strategy 1: New Miami engages in the community
New Miami is dedicated to working together to create a strong community. By creating a community of shared leadership, we will build a trusting collaborative partnership built on common goals and fluid communication.
Action plan
  • Engage families of young children with community events and learning opportunities
  • Support the community through outreach programs that meet the specific needs of families
  • Provide opportunities for community members to serve on district level team
  • Work to create a personal connection with each and every family
  • Work closely with community agencies to remove nonacademic barriers that bridge home, school and community
  • Support families with social emotional needs
  • Create a comprehensive communication plan
Strategy 2: New Miami discovers the unique qualities of every student

New Miami values each and every student and is dedicated to educating the whole child. New Miami offers a holistic approach to the unique needs of every student. Every child deserves equal opportunity to thrive in a supportive caring environment.

Action plan

  • New Miami partners with mental health professionals
  • On site social emotional coordinators
  • School wide training on trauma informed care
  • Provides opportunity for all students to receive vision care and glasses and dental treatments
  • Built in time for restorative conversations and support
  • Strengthen our systematic approach to discipline and incentives
Strategy 3: New Miami learns through quality instruction

New Miami commits to providing evidence based programs that challenge every student to extend their learning. New Miami focuses on rich literacy programs that provide all students with individualized paths to success. All students will be met where they are and challenged to meet their full potential by implementing quality tiers of academic support.

Action plan

  • Research based intervention programs and strategies that provide support for every student
  • Solid core instruction based on School Wide Instructional framework
  • Extensive training and implementation on gradual release
  • Continue to train and implement teachers on high impact reading strategies
  • Individual graduation plans for all students
  • Consistent coaching and feedback to staff focused on quality of implementation within district initiatives
  • Flexible opportunities for high school students to engage in authentic experiences