Parent Links

Last Updated: 8/22/2019 7:21 PM

Dean of Culture and Engagement:

  Mr. Barry Limon 513-863-4917 ext. 2004

Foster Care Liaison:

  Mr. Chris Huelsman 513-896-7153 ext. 1002

Homeless Education Liaison:

  Mrs. Angela Gehr 513-863-0833 ext. 3002

Parent Links:

 PROGRESS BOOK - On-line student information for parents

 CHILD FIND  - Locate, identify and evaluate children suspected of, or identified with, an educational disability.

 YEARLY CALENDAR - Board-approved 

  BUTLER TECH  - Butler Technology and Career School

Elementary Forms:

  School Medication Permit - A form authorizing your child to take medications while in school.

  Emergency Medical - A form with contact information in the case your child has a medical emergency.

  Documents Required For Registration

  Enrollment Application

  Records Release Request

   Open Enrollment Application