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Welcome to First Grade!

About Ms. Dye   

     I was born in Ohio and grew up in Fairfield with my mom and sister.  I attended Fairfield City School District until my tenth grade year and then transferred and graduated from Cincinnati Christian Schools.  I went to Cumberland College in Kentucky  and graduated with a certification to teach Kindergarten through Eighth grade.  Even though I can teach up to Eighth grade, I really like teaching the younger kids.  I have been teaching at New Miami Elementary for 15 years and have taught Fourth grade, Third grade, and now I am teaching First grade.

    Growing up, we always had "animals that needed a home".  We rescued dogs, cats, birds, hamsters, guinea pigs, and rabbits.  If there was an animal that needed a mom, sister and I were the ones that usually rescued it.  As some of my past students will tell you, my classroom usually always had a few "rescued" animals that the class got to help take care.  The animals helped teach responsibility, compassion,  and respect.  Some of the classroom pets that I have had were frogs, hamsters, fish, lizards, a rat, a guinea pig, and countless number of hissing cockroaches.  Since getting married, I have had to cut back on the number of pets and the kind of pets I was rescuing.  Let's just say, my husband wasn't real sure about me bringing home the hissing cockroaches for Christmas vacation.  In June of 2013, I had a little boy.

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         Ms. Dye                                     Mrs. Keener                    Mrs. Barnette and daughter

                                                                   Jan. 2015


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Mrs. Barnette, Ms. Dye, Miss Carson, and Mrs. Keener
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