Make-up Work for extra Calamity Day #3

Please do the following assignments in Reading and Math.  I understand that you might not have the needed supplies at home ... please use what you have.  If you don't have a can use a pen, crayon, or markers. ( Your child might like to use something other than a pencil.  )  If you don't have blank paper, reuse old assignents sent home or a brown paper bag.  If you would rather do the assignments on the computer, you can email me the assignements..  My email address is  All assignments are due the first day school is in session.


Go to the website

Choose one of the books and listen to it being read to you.  Get a piece of paper ( If you don't have any paper ... Reuse a paer that has been sent home... the backs of paper are ususally blank.  Tell me what happened first, next, last in the story that you listened to.  You may either draw a picture for each part of the story or write one sentence for each part of the story.  Write a question about the story...for example... " Who is one of the characters? " or " What would happen if..."

You are the teacher.... Make - up 20 addition and subtraction problems  that Ms. Dye has to solve.  ( I will solve them the day we come back to school)  Make -sure you include a second sheet for an answer sheet with your assignment. ( You are going to need the answer sheet to grade my work)