Color/Behavior Chart

 Did you have a green day?

     We use a color-coded system.  Each child has an envelope with a stack of cards of 5 different colors: Green, Yellow, Orange, Blue and Red.

                    GREEN – We begin each day “On Green”… 

                    YELLOW – WARNING      

After a few verbal warnings have been given, I will ask that the card in the stack be changed from green to yellow.


If there are still problems, which were not corrected by changing the card from green to yellow, I will ask that the card be changed again from yellow to ORANGE.  For a few minutes the student will not be able to participate in the activity we are doing but can still watch the activity.

                    BLUE - TIME OUT

If behaviors continue, I will ask the card be changed from orange to blue and your child will then spend a few minutes in another classroom.

                    RED ISS-Sent to the Office

If behaviors continue, your child will change his/her card from blue to red and sent directly to the office.  Your child will call you and let you know he/she has been sent to the office.  If your child is unable to reach you, a letter will be mailed home.

      The only time I send a student directly to the office, without changing cards, is if the behavior is severely inappropriate.

Each day’s behaviors will be recorded on the Homework Log/Weekly Assignment sheet.  If there are any questions or concerns regarding the Discipline procedures, please feel free to call me (896 – 7153, ext. 1112).