We Are Learning

Here is what we are learning in First Grade......

Reading and Writing

     As we read books, we are learning to ask and answer questions.  The kind of questions we ask and answer depends on the kinds of books we read...sometimes we read books that entertain us and sometimes we read books that inform us. 


     We are also learning how to write the numbers 1 to 120.  We are realizing that it can be confusing which numbers go in the tens place and which number goes in the ones place.  We are also learning addition and subtraction.  Don't try to add really big numbers... Practicing adding numbers with addends less than 20.  Same with subtraction... keep the two numbers you are subtracting less than 20.

                                           Science and Social Studies

     In Social Studies we are learning to work cooperatively in a group and also respecting every ones ideas and opinions.
In Science, we are learning all about our world.