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Your New Miami Board of Education in the 2014 Homecoming Parade

Update from your New Miami Treasurer:

The District received a $3,688.55 refund the the Butler County Auditor's Office for surplus auditor and treasurer fee payments.
Financial Reports are available in the treasurer's office for public review.
View the Five Year Forecast for detailed information.


Board Members Earn OSBA Award

Eleanor Carbary and Chris Ruder, board members of the New Miami Local School Board, will be presented with the Ohio School Boards Association's Award of Achievement at one of the association's regional spring conferences. The conference will be held in Cincinnati on Tuesday, March 11, 2014.

The Award of Achievment is given to school board members in recognition of their commitment to training and leadership activities on their boards of education and region and statewide OSBA activities.

For more information, contact OSBA or your local school board members.  In its 59th year, OSBA leads the way to educational excellence by serving Ohio's public school board members and the diverse districts they represent through superior service, unwavering advocacy and creative solutions.


New Miami Board of Education: Edie Cook, Sue Price; Vice President. Randy Cook, Chris Ruder; President, Eleanor Carbary.



New Board Membera, Randy Cook and Eleanor Carbary, being sworn in to office at the January 9, 2014 Organizational Meeting.


During January, the Ohio School Boards Association (OSBA) and school districts across Ohio recognized the work of school board members and their service to Ohio's students.


Robin Bonar; Treasurer, Edie Cook; Board Member, Sue Price; Board Vice President, Chris Ruder; Board President, Eleanor Carbary; Board Member, Randy Cook; Board Member, Dave Gibson; Superintendent.


New Miami Local School District Mission Statement


In partnership with our community, the mission of the New Miami

Local School District is:

· To have a challenging and relevant curriculum,

· To engage children as active participants in their learning,

· To instruct with research-based proven practice, and

· To create a caring, nurturing, and respectful environment that is

safe and disciplined,

so that all our children demonstrate a mastery of high academic skills.


The major responsibilities of schools should be student learning and achievement.

All students deserve to attend schools that are based on mutual respect and that

provide an environment that is safe and disciplined.

All students can reach higher learning standards if afforded the opportunity to learn

based on their learning styles, given adequate time, and taught with best practice


Families and communities need to be fully involved with schools and school

improvement efforts.

All students should be expected to meet high academic standards and graduate from

high school prepared for employment and/or further education.




Board Members