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Good Afternoon,

The New Miami Local School District would like to thank everyone in the community for their understanding and support as we navigate our way through the 2020 school year.  Our school places the education and welfare of our students, staff, and families at the highest of priorities.  

After the completion of the first quarter, we will return to face to face school, five days a week, starting November 9, 2020. All students will return at the beginning of the second quarter, except those students who choose to remain on the remote plan.  By experiencing virtual and hybrid plans, we will be able to move fluidly throughout our plans, if the need arises.  All teaching models have benefits, but no model replaces our teachers in classrooms with students building relationships and teaching content each and every day.

As students start re-entering our building, New Miami Schools will require all staff and students to wear cloth masks on the bus and in the school buildings. Mask breaks will be provided throughout the day when social distancing can be assured.  Wearing a mask has been proven to reduce the spread of the virus.

The face to face - five days a week model does come with some risks/concerns that all parents should be made aware of as we move forward:

  1. Quarantines:

The possibility exists that staff members may be quarantined for the 14 days as required by State and local authorities, the Ohio Department of Health, and the Butler County Health Department.  In this type of situation, it is imperative that we be ready to move to remote learning on a very short notice.  We understand that this can be impactful to your family.

  1. Compromises with Social Distancing:

As more students are in the building at the same time social distancing will become more of a challenge.  We will maintain social distancing as much as the situation allows throughout the day.  The use of masks is especially important when social distancing is difficult to maintain. Barriers will be provided for each student in each of the classrooms.

  1. Transportation:

All students must wear masks on the bus ride to and from school.  Please be flexible with routing and times of pick up/drop off.  If we have drivers quarantined or sick we may have to ask for parents to provide transportation.  We know this is not ideal, but want to be transparent if the need arises.

  1. The cafeteria will be open to students for breakfast and lunch. Breakfast will be taken to classrooms when the number of students requires more social distancing.  During lunchtimes, students will have assigned seats and the cafeteria will have a reduced capacity for seating.

As we move forward we hope that our community and families will continue to support and embrace our district.  This year has proven to be challenging, but we are VIKING strong!


Ms. Rhonda Parker, New Miami Local Schools, Superintendent

Mr. Randy Cook, New Miami Board of Education, President



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